Support for Parents & Families

There are many organisations and charities who offer information, advice and services to parents and families.  Please take a look on this page and if you cannot find the information that you need or would like to talk with someone, please contact us:


Children and Family Services Tel:  01720 424490  Email:

Isles of Scilly Children’s Social Care is provided by Council of the Isles of Scilly Children’s and Family Services and a range of services are offered from pre-birth to transition to adulthood.  Further information can be found on Children's Social Services information pages.

Tel: 01720 424483 


Early Years online play and storytime for your little ones.

Discover ways to improve your relationship; whether you are together, separated or considering separation.

Find links to online parenting courses from bumps, early years and teenagers.

Information on NHS services and organisations that can support you with you emotional health and wellbeing.

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        Local Offer Scilly

Local Offer Scilly is a website providing  information about the available provision to children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families on the Isles of Scilly

Podcasts offering tips and advice to parents

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  • Home-Start offers free, confidential support, friendship and practical help to parents of children under five who are going through a difficult time. Being a parent can be tough and for some parents it can be particularly difficult because they are also having to cope with issues such as post-natal depression, their or their child’s illness or disability, isolation or multiple birth.

  • A carefully selected Home-Start volunteer who has parenting experience themselves regularly make contact with a family and offers emotional and practical support through difficult times for as long as it is helpful and needed.

  • With services moving online as a result of Covid parents from the Isles of Scilly can now access online groups and support.

Cornwall Council Together for Families

There are lots of useful resources, parenting advice, podcasts and online parenting programmes with Together for Families.

Further information can be found on the Cornwall Family Information Service website

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Cafcass - Separated Parent Information Handbook

Cafcass have put together a useful handbook which helps you understand how to put your children first while you are separating, even though you may be in dispute with your child’s other parent. It is a useful handbook that maps out a parent separating journey and marks out ways to make the separation as easy as possible for children. Separated Parent Information Handbook.

Cafcass - Co-parent Hub

A free online resource for separated families linking together expertise from across the family justice system. CPH provides families with clear information and useful online tools to help them negotiate child arrangements, and sustain effective co-parenting relationships, in the best interests of the child.

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Centre for Parent and Child Support (CPCS)

Facebook: Centre-for-Parent-and-Child-Support-CPCS


  • CPCS have created EPEC Being a Parent programme designed for parents of children 2-11 yrs with additional content for parents of infants and babies, content for parents of teenagers, parents with children affected by ASD/autism, and parents with mental health difficulties to follow.   Find related YouTube films to complement the Facebook and provide relational and interactive content intended to sustain parent coping and facilitate parenting change.





  • Click is a unique service providing early intervention relationship support from a mobile-friendly platform. Individuals, couples, families and professionals can use ClickRelations to access helpful, evidence-based support from a secure, mobile-friendly space. Its many features include a professional-led listening room, moderated forums, interactive learning, goal-setting, animations, quizzes, personalised recommendations and evaluation.

  • Facebook: ClickRelationshipsUK

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Family Rights Group


  • Advice for parents and families with a child in the care system from the Family Rights Group