Tools to improve parent relationships

In this section we will look at constructive argument and give you tools to work towards better communicating with your partner

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Me, you, and baby too 

Me, you and baby too helps first-time parents prepare for changes in their own relationship, giving them the skills to communicate better and support each other at this important time in their lives.


It is aimed at parents who are still in a relationship with each other, during pregnancy or in the first 12 months of their child’s life. It may also be beneficial to those parents where there is:


  • Parental conflict that is frequent, hostile and unresolved.

  • Separation.

  • Social disadvantage.

  • An unplanned pregnancy.

  • A lack of relational skills.

It covers three sections, changes in relationships, coping with stress and conflict and communication

Although this is aimed at first time parents it is really useful for any parent relationship in conflict

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Video: Exploring how we can better communicate

Communication cards: To help you think about how you might currently communicate in a disagreement and how you could do it differently

When your in the moment of a disagreement and want to try to do things differently, try:

Improving Parent  Relationships

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