In this section we will be looking at what parental conflict is, Find out what a constructive and destructive argument is and the impact that this can have on children and families.

In this video we explain what a destructive argument is and the impact it has on children.

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This audio is of parents arguing downstairs whilst the young person is in their room. 

What impact do you think the argument is having on the young person?

How do you think the young person is feeling?


What is the young person learning?

A look at how parental conflict impacts on a child

When parent relationships are in distress and there is poor communication between the parents, children can be put in one or more of these positions by their parents which can have a negative impact on the child and effect the relationship they have with their parents:

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Asking your child to fill one of these roles can be damaging to the child's relationship to both parents or other family members and can greatly impact on a child's life. 

Relationships are not fixed and they change over time, this can cause disharmony and conflict in a relationship.

The image below outlines the stages of relationships and video goes into more detail.

Exploring Parent Relationships

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