Podcasts for parents

Parenting podcasts from Together for Families

A range of podcasts with tips from the family workers from Together for Families

You can find the podcasts on the Support in Cornwall webpage Parenting Podcasts - Together for Families | Care and Support in Cornwall

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Digital Resilience with HeadStart Kernow

Parent resources and associated podcasts have been developed by HeadStart Kernow. The aim is to help parents understand the challenges of the online world, put behaviour into age appropriate context and also to help them open up a meaningful conversation with confidence.  Resources are by age group age 0 to 18.  

Visit the HeadStart Kernow website:  www.headstartkernow.org.uk/digital-resilience/parent-digital-offer


Talking to teenagers podcasts from Teen Tips

  • Talking Teenagers is a podcast series comprising of interviews with experts designed to help parents and pastoral leaders with some of the key issues of raising teenagers in today's world

  • Visit the Teen tips website www.talkingteenagers.co.uk

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