Advocacy for children and young people


Advocates are independent and offer support, protect a person’s rights and help them to speak out. 

This may include:

  • Going to meetings with a young person where decisions are made

  • Writing letters on their behalf

  • Helping to get information a young person may need and help them understand what their rights are.


Children and young people will be offered the support of an advocate by Children’s Social Care.


Further information

Barnardo’s (Children and young people)




Children’s Social Care

Council of the Isles of Scilly

Carn Gwaval

St. Mary’s

Isles of Scilly

TR21 0NA


Tel:  01720 424483


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The Advocacy People


The Advocacy People are an independent charity offering free and confidential Advocacy. This means they offer help and support to anybody to speak up about their rights and for people who can't speak up for themselves, have someone (an advocate) in their corner to speak for them.

Who can access the service:

The Advocacy People services are for adults over the age of 18.


The also provide a service if the Advocacy referral is a Care Act referral and for a 16/17 year old transition to adult services. They provide an advocacy service for children aged 13-18 detained under section on Sowenna Ward in Bodmin Hospital. In addition,  a parent's (child protection) Advocacy referral can be made for a person who is in the Isles of Scilly or Cornwall area, has a disability or has an eligible health or social care need and is only for parents who have children within the Child Protection Process and who have been assessed as having an eligible social care need.

In Isles of Scilly they provide the following services:

Click on a service for more information

NHS Complaints Advocacy

Supporting you if you have not had the service you expected from a service provided or paid for by the NHS

Mental Health Advocacy

For people who are under section in hospital or the community

Care & Support Advocacy

Making sure people have their say in how they are cared for and supported

Advocacy For People Who Lack Capacity

For people who have been assessed as lacking capacity to make certain decisions

Community, Peer & Citizen's Advocacy

General advocacy support in and from the community

Contact details

0330 440 9000

Further information

Visit the advocacy website: